The Significance of Car Removal ServicesApril 11, 2017
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The Significance of Car Removal Services


Usually, people who own two cars use the new one and left the old one in their garage for an unlimited period. Truth be told, one cannot be running two cars at once, so why not turn the undesirable car into a junk and permit it to be recycled? Contrary to general belief, there is no need to pay for car removal if you ask a professional company that offers car removal services. However, you will get money by that company to get your old car. Engaging to a car wrecker is the perfect decision when your car is old, when it gets wrecked or when you simply wish to buy a replacement.


Besides the fact that you will avoid the stressful procedure of selling your used car by advertising it in the newspaper and various websites, you will receive cash for the car on the spot irrespective of its condition and age. However, the most important reason why we should bring the old cars to junkyards is the removal company will remove the car from circulation without any environmental risk. Therefore, removing old models from circulation is good for the environment. You need to rely on a car wrecker that recycles car parts and disposes of the unusable parts in an eco-friendly way if your car has a little chance of being resold.


In case you are wondering what happens to a car after you send it to a car removal company, you should know that not all companies get rid of junk cars the proper way. After selling the useful parts, the rest of the car gets crushed and buried without having to remove the hazardous materials. It is very important to choose a car removal service you can trust to guarantee your old car will not become a hazard for the environment. When a car is outdated you should make sure it is disposed of in the proper way. The steps to an eco-friendly car removal are as follows:


1. Dismantling the car


The first thing car removal companies do to a car that has reached the breaking point of its life expectancy is to dismantle it and resell the usable parts. There are many parts that might be in a good condition and get used for reconditioning another car.


2. Draining the oils


After the car is dismantled and the parts are resold, the fluids such as the remaining petrol, oil, and the braking system fluid must be exhausted completely before the car gets crushed and disposed of.


3. Removal of hazardous materials


There are certain materials, for example, the mercury and propellant from the airbag process, not to mention the power packs that require particular managing when removed. The potential risk of contamination is big with this type of materials, so it is important to follow the official hazardous waste materials management procedures.


4. Crushing the shell


If all the procedures are done, the shell of the car is finally crushed. The shell can also be melted down and recycled.


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